Pros And Cons Of Raising Your Kids Abroad

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If you are thinking of making an international family move, you should first learn about the pros and cons of raising your kids abroad.

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While there are many stressful and highly responsible jobs out there, none can compete with raising a child. Parents have the job of raising the next generation of good humans that will shape the world. They must ensure they grow up to be kind, moral, hard-working, creative, etc. Parents spend much time thinking about what’s best for their kids and how to ensure a successful future. The location and the environment the kids grow up in play a huge role. And that brings us to the topic of our article today: raising your kids abroad. That is a huge decision to make. Anyone who is considering this knows that there is so much to be taken into account. There are many pros and cons, and we will get into them in this article.

Your kids will be more open to new things

One of the pros of raising your kids abroad is exposing them to new cultures and ways of life. The best way to teach your kids to be open and non-judgemental is to put them in different environments. Living abroad will expose your kids to different cultures, traditions, cuisine, and art, making them better humans. Seeing how other people live makes a person more empathetic and understanding. Living abroad will develop their appreciation for different cultures and lifestyles, which many people don’t have the chance to do. Raising your kids abroad can indeed be a gift and improve their lives.

They might hate you at first

Depending on what age you start living abroad with your kids, it might create some issues at first. It would be one thing if your kids were born abroad. It’s completely different if they move abroad after starting school. That can be a considerable shock and trauma for them. Leaving their friends and everything they have known behind can make them resentful at first. They will need time to adapt to their new environment and different way of life. So don’t be surprised if there are some issues at the beginning. But the key here is to get your kids ready for the transition. For example, moving to Hong Kong with kids would require preparing your kids months in advance and maybe even going on a quick trip there so they get a better idea of where they are going. Try and get them excited about the new country they will live in and involve them in the process.

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Pro of raising your kids abroad- A second language

The second benefit of raising your kids abroad is bilingualism. Knowing a second language is an extremely useful thing in today’s world. Not just for traveling but for career opportunities as well. And what better way to learn a new language if not by living in the country with the locals who speak it? They will learn and practice the language in everyday conversation with the locals, which many people don’t get the chance to do. And they will be motivated to learn it quickly as it will simply be a necessity and a way to make friends at their school. English may seem like the mainstream language, but speaking a second language is equally important. Your kids will thank you for this opportunity when they realize bilingualism’s usefulness.

You will miss home

No matter how well you and your kids adapted to your new country abroad, you will still miss your home. Especially if you still have a lot of relatives there that you were close to. Suddenly living miles away from them can be a source of great pain. And this is something you should talk about openly with your kids. If you sweep it under the rug, this problem will grow and be even more challenging. It’s best to prepare for this even before you go. Take lots of videos and pictures to have them once you go abroad. Also, pack some things that remind you of your home so that you can keep them in your new house. But be careful how you pack those things, especially If they are delicate or valuable. According to experts at, if you want your items to be transported safely, it’s crucial to pack them properly, and you should leave that to professionals.

This experience will bond you

While we said that your children would most likely have a hard time at the beginning of this journey abroad, that doesn’t mean nothing good will come of it. Your kids won’t be the only ones having a tough time. You will have it, too, even if you are an adult. So, you will need each other’s support more than ever during this time. Tough times like this truly bond a family and bring them closer together. You will need to have a lot of honest conversations, and you will have to help each other adapt to this new place. But it is only through a struggle like this that people grow and learn to trust each other. Raising your kids abroad can make your family stronger than ever.

In conclusion

As you can see, raising your kids abroad is a mixed bag. There are the good sides, like bilingualism, new experiences, and learning to be respectful of different cultures. Also, your family will become closer. But there are also some cons. Your kids might resent you at first and have a tough time adapting. You also won’t be able to ignore the homesickness that will arise. But there is not one final answer if raising your kids abroad is good or bad. It all depends on what kind of family you are and what works best for you and your kids.