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Gamify Your Morning Routine: Kids Routine Apps

Do you have a hard time in the morning or at bedtime getting your kiddos motivated to follow their routine? Check out these unique apps that might help keep kiddos interested and persuaded to follow their routines and responsibilities.

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Four Tips On Sparking Creativity

Sometimes “Eureka!” moments can spark businesses. In general, however, businesses can’t rely on random strokes of genius and creativity. Creative professionals have to keep their imaginations fired 9-5, Monday to Friday, no matter how they’re feeling. The strategies they used to make this happen can be helpful in all kinds of situations.

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Family Chalk Paint Activity

Fall is nearly here, which means summer is almost over! If you’re trying to soak up what’s left of the summer sun, this DIY chalk paint activity is a great sunny day project for the whole family.

Painted pebbles to help people show their support for key workers and the NHS during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Coronavirus Outbreak Survival Tips: Complete Guide

In this uncertain time of the COVID-19 spreading through the country, we hug our littles, try to stay sane, and adjust to new ways or opportunities. With anxiety running high, take a look at these tips for self-care, working from home, keeping kiddos entertained, learning, and fed.

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5 Tech Skills Kids Should Learn Today

We are in many ways far from the Jetsons but also so close as we move our way through the new decade of 2020. Kids are learning tech skills earlier and earlier. These are 5 top tech skills that you might consider introducing to your kiddos.

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Mompreneur Hacks Get Out of the House Easier

If you’ve ever raced out the door with your kiddos only to realize someone isn’t wearing their socks or shoes, you know mom-life is crazy hectic. Mom hacks to the rescue! Here are a few simple ways you can simplify your morning routine and leave the house with time to spare.

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How to Have a Super Safe Swim Summer

Every year I dread the first news of a drowning at a local pool. Water safety is so important to save a life. Knowing these tips for your kids and the other kids at the pool can indeed save lives! Stop the heart-wrenching deaths.